Javier Rivas is Emerging as a Sleeper in the Pirates Farm System


One of the biggest surprises in the Pittsburgh Pirates farm system this year has come from 19-year-old shortstop Javier Rivas.

The Pirates sent Rivas to the Florida Complex League this year, where he's hitting for a .268/.344/.430 line in 160 plate appearances. Wilbur Miller has had several chances to see him for this site, and every report he's passed along has raved about the hitting and fielding abilities from Rivas, recently picking him as a second half guy to watch.

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The performances are also being noticed inside the organization.

"Rivas has turned some heads," said Pirates farm director John Baker. "In fact, I got a message from our international scouting dir...



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Only received two sentences in the Fangraphs write up of the system this spring. Longenhagen commented that he heard good things from his sources within the organization.


Caught my attention that Rivas will be 20 yo before getting his first taste of full season ball?

Is he an “old for his class” type? Seems silly that we place such an enormous weight on age in the draft but ignore it otherwise.


Great point, Tim. I was thinking he might’ve signed after 16 but you’re right, pandemic accounts for the year. Not even making the comment as a knock on him, I think the whole concept is overplayed, just surprised me to see.


I disagree. An 18 yo signing from Latin America isn’t going to get the money or the ranking that a 16 yo will. Also, a 19 yo excelling in the DSL won’t get much prospect hype.


Sorry, what’s your disagreement?


From your original comment abover, “Seems silly that we place such an enormous weight on age in the draft but ignore it otherwise.”

I think that age is a big factor for all prospects. A 25 year old excelling in AA isn’t going to get the same attention/rankings that a 21 year old with the same stats in the same league will. Just my opinion.


At the extremes, absolutely! Notice my emphasis.

What I’m referencing is this thing where we’ve started bumping guys significantly up and down draft boards for being a handful of months younger or older than one another.

Does anyone now give a f*uck that Brett Baty and Bobby Witt were 19 on draft day?

Has Tucu making the show at 21 meant a goddamn thing?



Separate the wheat from the chafe in AA.

Rob Baran

Was super impressed by the hot streak last month. Has he done anything since?


I think the attraction is that he’s a 6’6” guy capable of playing excellent D at multiple IF positions.

That seems like a winner


Keeping my fingers crossed. Long way to go. Chad Hermanson walked on water in A ball. Alen Hanson became a Top 100 prospect after A ball.

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