Liover Peguero Needs to Control His Talent

ALTOONA, Pa. - Liover Peguero is one of the most talented players you will see on a baseball field.

Whether offensively or defensively, he routinely flashes the tools and skills that you usually see from impact MLB players. The 21-year-old shortstop is currently in his first year at the Double-A level, and the results haven't shown his skills.

Peguero is batting .262/.300/.392 this year in Altoona. He also has 18 errors at shortstop, and eight more at second base, most of them on throws.

Watching Peguero on the field, he consistently is late timing his jump to get set. An infielder tries to time a jump to land on the dirt as the ball is making contact, allowing the infielder to react and spring toward the ball. Peguero is often landing after contact has been made.

"I think one ...



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this is all fine and good! But if you’re ops’ing under .700 in AA, i feel like you’re a bust until you prove you’re not.

i’m not saying that i’ve given up on him. I’m saying that if you put a gun to my head and forced me to pick “productive major leaguer” or “bust”, i’d have to pick “bust”.

hopefully all the stuff in the article truly leads to a changed trajectory.

Once again, me predicting him to probably end up busting is not he same as me saying that he can’t fix things. Still quite young, at least he makes contact, yada yada.

Last edited 1 month ago by jaygray007

If Peguero DOES put it all together, is he our SS by 2024? If the , what about Cruz? RF? Assuming Cruz can fix HIS issues at the plate?


you could simply move one to 2b i’d think. that’s where basically every single other excess shortstop moves.


Can’t imagine Cruz at 2nd. Head to right field, we’re you belong.


Peguero then


Gee, the Bucs might have too many talented players? This is a 70s concept. Will they have to wear those uniforms? Will there be turf? Will Mondale run? BTW, I have been to Mondal, Norway. He remains popular there.

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