Mike Burrows Discusses His Mindset on the Mound

The results haven't been there for Mike Burrows in Triple-A.

The key to tracking development sometimes is to look beyond the results.

Burrows has emerged over the last two years as one of the top pitching prospects in the Pirates' system. He's got a high spin fastball that sits mid-90s. His ability to spin the ball gives him one of the best curveballs in the system. He has improved his changeup this year to give him a solid third offering, and has also seen improvements with his control.

I'm not a big fan of player comps, but it's very difficult to not make an A.J. Burnett comp here.

Maybe it's the simplified fastball/curveball combo. Maybe it's the intensity on the mound, the confident attitude off the mound, and the sleeve tattoos. Mostly, it's about what Burrows can do on th...



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I remember refereeing HS basketball. Let your focus wander for just a second and you blow a call. It ain’t easy, and lots wash out because of that. The only reason I became so focused is that I was tired of coaches’complaints, lol. They complain enough even on plays you get right. 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by leefieux

I knew a ref that carried a PIAA application in his back pocket for games. When fans complained he offered the application and basically said, “If you think you can do better, apply!”


God help officials these days. When you have two coaches involved, even if it was the correct call, the coach who was not the beneficiary of that correct call will still claim you got it wrong. These days, parents are getting more physical too. The closest that I ever came to being an official was in a semi fast pitch softball league years ago. There would be a real umpire behind the plate for every game but the teams would have to supply a player to ump the bases. Imagine the grief you get for calling one of your teammates out on a close play. I have a horrible honesty streak in me…..got yelled at a lot, lol!!!


I also umped softball. Luckily, btwn that and b’ball, I never heard of any officials being abused physically. Made lots of extra bucks tho, that helped pay for house repairs and vacations. I wish I could still do it. I LOVED it!


Yeah, times have changed. All of my kids played soccer. They were tried to get my oldest to get into refereeing younger kids games as he got older. Wanted no parts of it. This was back in the mid 2000s By the time my younger two were playing in high school, parents were beginning to get nuts (10 years ago now) What used to be something that you could enjoy is getting to be a hassle anymore. The physical abuse and threats seem to be a relative new thing. No wonder they are having trouble getting enough officials for games now.


Our football coaches spoke at Kiwanis yesterday and said the kids are the same they’ve been for 40 years, but the parents are a great problem.

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