Pirates Acquire Right-Handed Pitcher Jeremy Beasley

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced that they have acquired right-handed pitcher Jeremy Beasley from the Toronto Blue Jays for cash considerations. The 26-year-old reliever has been optioned to Indianapolis.

Beasley was a 30th round draft pick in 2017 out of Clemson. He has pitched parts of three seasons in the majors, getting into one game for the 2020 Arizona Diamondbacks and 17 games total for the 2021-22 Blue Jays. He has a 5.84 ERA, 6.34 FIP, 1.50 WHIP and a 33:14 SO/BB ratio in 24.2 innings in the majors. He has a 1.89 ERA and 43 strikeouts in 38 innings at Triple-A Buffalo of the International League this year. According to the latest scouting report on Baseball America, he throws a fastball/splitter/slider three-pitch combo, with the ability to hit mid-90s and a bulldog mentality made for the bullpen, though he has seen some work as a starter in the minors.

Beasley spent time on the injured list in 2020, so with his big league time this season, he is over one full service year in the majors at this point. Meaning Pirates could control his contract for the next five seasons if he works out.

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His profile matches the Pirates…horrible performance and low cost….perfect match


Is this what my wife feels like every year?? Sheeeeeiiittttt


Interesting to see the Orioles’ trades today, especially trading their closer. They probably would have moved Bednar.


Orioles showed some real balls. An organization committed to a plan. A paper tiger who doesn’t sacrifice the goal for a quick splash. Good on them. Hope they do well


Orioles have a competent management team in place. They will be a force in next 2 to 3 years.


That is what they said about the Reds 2-3 years ago. I will believe it when I see it. The Orioles always find a way to mess things up. In the trade for Lopez they opted for quantity rather than quality. They only got 1 top 30 guy, and he was the Twins 21 prospect, and is now their 26th prospect. If that would be the best offered for Bednar, I would rather keep Bednar.

I do give them credit for the Mancini deal. They traded one of their most popular players, for 2 pitcher with a lot of potential. It was a nice haul for a guy who hasn’t had a big season since 2019.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Seems to have been an emphasis on splitter since Ben took over.


Noticed that myself and love it.


I mean just watched some highlights 95-97 fastball and good movement slider. I mean why the F not lol


They can have him for five years…before they DFA him.


Fun fact! Local connection as the brother of small town Pennsylvania receptionist turned salesman for a regional paper company.

Who knew!


Have I gone too deep with my Office references or am I this unfunny?

The answer is yes.


trade then looks good on paper


Does that mean he comes at a family discount?


This is still in the “take a flier” category, which I had hoped we were beyond already but I guess not. Stout, Ramirez, Beasley – don’t look too different from Howard or Fletcher. I look forward to the day they stop picking dudes like this up and start rostering quality arms from their own system.


I am pretty sick of it.


Buyers at the deadline! Let’s goooo!


5.84 career era. Yup, he’ll fit right in. This move makes us contenders now. Lol


I was refreshing mlb trade rumors for the last hour, just in case of a Bednar trade. I think this was almost the very last trade announced, got my blood pressure up for a half sec.

Not as exciting as a Bednar trade, but I kinda like this kid, based on the write up. Much better than a Liriano salary dump at the last minute, man that was the worst

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Quite the buzzer beater at today’s deadline

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