Pirates Claim Catcher Jose Godoy

The Pittsburgh Pirates claimed catcher Jose Godoy off waivers from the Minnesota Twins on Friday and he is active for tonight’s game. To make room on the 40-man roster, Taylor Davis has been designated for assignment. Davis was called up yesterday to replace Tyler Heineman, who was placed on the 10-day Injured List.

Godoy is 27 years old, with parts of two seasons in the majors, debuting with the Seattle Mariners last year when he hit .162/.225/.189 in 16 games. He has played two games this year with the Twins and doesn’t have a hit, though he has walked twice. He was not doing well in Triple-A this season with St Paul of the International League, hitting just .197/.272/.299 in 42 games. He had a .743 OPS last year in Triple-A, though he was playing in Tacoma, which is an extremely hitter-friendly park in a hitter-friendly league, so that OPS was 79 points below team average. He has never ranked among his team’s top 30 prospects for Baseball America since signing as an international free agent 11 years ago.

Prior to the last two seasons, he posted strong caught stealing rates, but he’s been at 17% success rate each of the last two years in the minors and runners are 7-for-7 against him in the majors.

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It is good to see that the Pirates never change their plan for achieving utter failure. Davis was not the answer but another sub 200 hitter isn’t either.


Yeah because screw the guy who has been in your system all year when there’s a sub mendoza AAA player available


Just smh…Chinese fire drill continues…is there a plan? If there is, please explain what it is….Contreras is in Indy, Wilson continues to get starts and shelled, Allen and VanMeter are still in Pittsburgh.


The 2019 Mariners hold the record for most players used in a season with 67. The Pirates are at 58 now. It’s a stretch, but they could conceivably tie the record. Godoy makes 59, call up Oviedo and Beasley, there’s 61; give Drew Maggi his first day in the show (62) and when Bae is healthy, add him to the 40-man and call him up (63). These should be non-controversial. The last four are further out there. At some point, Mears’ rehab will end and they have to add him to the 40-man; in order to preserve his remaining option, they might call him up to spend the rest of a lost season in the Pirate pen. There’s 64. Mike Burrows and Cody Bolton will need to be added ahead of the R5 deadline. Why not give them a few innings in September? 66. And you know, on second thought, Godoy’s not the guy we want after all. DFA him and add Ritchie. 67.

This is the ONLY scenario I can think of where picking up this dude makes any goddamned sense, when Taylor Davis is CLEARLY more entertaining and certainly no worse a catcher.


I don’t get why they would want him over Davis.


These are the kind of moves where I’d love to hear an honest explanation from the Pirates. I know these waiver claims generally meaningless in the big picture, but there has to be something they like, right? Doesn’t make sense to me.


Maybe he’s really good defensively, but you’d think there would have been something about that in the press if that was the case.


Yeah it’s better to let the good catching prospects in the system to languish at the same level all season while holding on to guys like Taylor Davis and then apparently dumpster diving for a guy to replace Davis. Always one step up two steps back for this front office.


Pirates have been wasting and mis managing prospects for years…nothing new here…


What good catching prospects are you talking about?


Maybe he meant to click on Severino?


I know Bins is a non option…he can’t hit and isn’t very good behind the plate. Give Sabol a look or even Rodriquez…can either be worse than what exists in Pittsburgh or Indy?


Sheesh, there is nothing redeeming at all in that description.


Instead of promoting from within they continue the Pirate tradition of dumpster diving


This sounds like a John Ryan Murphy type. Really?

Wilbur Miller

On purpose?

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