Pirates DVR: Roansy Contreras Pitches, Jase Bowen and Fabricio Macias Home Runs

Welcome to the Pirates Prospects daily video rundown, where we pull some of the top videos of the Pittsburgh Pirates across the internet.

Daily Video Rundown

Roansy Contreras

After giving Contreras a brief break going into the All-Star, they are building up his arm again in Indianapolis, and the righty had himself quite the day on the mound. He struck out five batters in three innings, allowing four hits and a run on Sunday.

Jase Bowen

Bowen capped off a strong July with not just one, but two home runs on Sunday, giving him 13 on the season. Bradenton ended up winning the game and took four out of six games from their series against Lakeland.

Fabricio Macias

Another player who had a strong month of July, Macias hit his second home run with Altoona – both of which coming this past week against Bowie -on Sunday’s series finale.

Aaron Shackelford

With his 18th home run of the season, Shackelford continues to close in to Matt Gorski’s system leading total.

Carter Bins

Bins hit his sixth home run with Indianapolis on Sunday. The catcher acquired in the Tyler Anderson is still struggling to climb above the Mendoza Line, but has shown some pop when he does make contact.

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I do not care if they go 20-40 the rest of the year. (102 losses) Please, please play the kids and decide which of the FV40/45s are legitimate prospects.

AFL appears to be shaping up to be HUGE for missed developmental opportunities,,,


Love the caption from the Contreras video. Pretty much confirms that commenters on this site started a thing.


It’s so frustrating to watch the Starting Pitcher with the best arm in the entire organization pitch in AAA in late frickin July for no other reason than Super 2.

I so want to be supportive of management, but they need to at least try to meet us fans in the middle.

Plus, you can’t tell me this nickel and dime the players mindset by management doesn’t affect prospects accomplishments. Probably not a coincidence teams like the Cardinals enjoy better success from their prospects.



It has been a hard drought, my patience is parched.

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