Pirates Prospect Player of the Week: Endy Rodriguez

Endy Rodriguez was our Player of the Week during the final full week in July, and then he won the Player of the Month award for July. He is now the Pirates Prospects Player of the Week for the week of August 22-28, and he has a chance to pull off the Player of the Week/Month award combo again this month. Rodriguez hit .375/.444/.875 this past week in 27 plate appearances, with three doubles, three homers and three walks. For good measure, he added seven runs scored and nine RBIs.

Rodriguez was on a roll right before he joined Altoona, and he hasn’t seen any slowing down since he started facing upper level competition for the first time three weeks ago. Even with a slow month of April, he had a .936 OPS in 88 games with Greensboro. Since moving to Double-A, he has posted a .373/.448/.746 slash line in 15 games. He has 30 doubles and 21 homers this season in 103 games. Rodriguez said during Spring Training that his goal for the season was to make it to Altoona. It’s possible that we see him make it higher before the season ends. Altoona finishes off their season ten days before the season ends in Indianapolis, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see some players make the jump to Triple-A for those final games.

The Pirates have been using Rodriguez a lot more often in the catcher spot recently. We will see if that changes once Henry Davis rejoins Altoona. Rodriguez had caught 11 of his 15 games in Altoona, with three starts at DH and one at second base. He was at second base for four of his last 11 games with Greensboro. The Pirates were moving him around a lot in April when he was struggling, but he hasn’t played first base since that first month, and his last turn in left field was on July 1st. He’s slowly turned into a full-time catcher, but with Davis around, getting him some turns at second base in addition to both of them playing DH, wouldn’t be the worst idea. You’re going to want both of them in the lineup regularly. Rodriguez was seeing those roles because of his athleticism, along with the plethora of catcher options at Greensboro to start the year.

I wouldn’t go for the full utility role like before, since he didn’t do well in that role earlier in the year. However, his timeline to the majors seems to be on a quicker path, so you want him to be able to handle wherever they play him. Limiting his roles would give him more time to concentrate on those positions. Tim Williams just recently wrote an article where he said Rodriguez was his top prospect in the system. While I’m not at that point yet, I think he’s an easy top 100 prospect in baseball, so he’s not far off of that top spot for me.


Player of the Week: Cal Mitchell .421/.455/.737, 1 HR, 1 SB, 22 PA

Analysis: Cal Mitchell has been the best hitter overall at Indianapolis this season, which didn’t translate right away to the majors, though I expect him to see more big league time this year. He put up a 1.191 OPS in 22 PAs this past week, collecting a double, triple and homer. The 23-year-old has a .918 OPS in 61 games with Indianapolis this year. His .335 average is the second highest in the International League for all batters with 250+ PAs. Jared Oliva didn’t see much time last week, but he went 5-for-10 with two walks and a homer, leading to a 1.339 OPS. Mason Martin went 5-for-15 with three doubles and four walks, giving him a 1.007 OPS in 19 PAs. Jack Suwinski was struggling badly in Indianapolis until he had back-to-back strong games to end his week with a .976 OPS in 15 PAs. Despite a lot average and awful strikeout rates for the month, he earned a trip back to Pittsburgh. Kevin Padlo earned a DFA with his .967 OPS in 14 PAs.

On the pitching side, Johan Oviedo tossed 3.2 scoreless innings in his start, with three hits, a walk and four strikeouts. He has allowed one run in 11.1 innings since joining Indianapolis. John O’Reilly contributed 4.1 scoreless last week. In his last six appearances, he has pitched 7.2 scoreless on two hits and one walk. Osvaldo Bido had the best week on the staff in his one start and one relief appearance, allowing one run on five hits and five walks in ten innings. August has been his best month this year, with a 2.61 ERA in 20.2 innings, with 22 strikeouts and his lowest walk rate. Miguel Yajure allowed one run over five innings and he struck out seven batters. Jerad Eickhoff also allowed one run over five innings in his start.


Player of the Week: Endy Rodriguez .375/.444/.875, 3 HR, 0 SB, 27 PA

Analysis: Besides Endy Rodriguez, Altoona got strong offense from Jared Triolo, who put up a 1.153 OPS in 27 PAs. He had three doubles, a triple and a homer. After a very slow start with the power numbers this year, he now has 21 doubles, five triples and nine homers, to go along with 63 walks and 24 steals. Blake Sabol went 7-for-20 with two doubles and a homer, leading to a .964 OPS. He has a .908 OPS in 21 games this month. Malcom Nunez went 6-for-21 with a double and two homers. Since joining Altoona, he has an .884 OPS in 14 games. The pitching side was slim pickings. Quinn Priester allowed two earned runs over two starts, though he gave up a total of seven runs on 12 hits in 8.1 innings, so even though his 2.16 ERA qualified here, it wasn’t a great week. Tahnaj Thomas faced the minimum over three innings, with three strikeouts. He has a 1.65 ERA and 38 strikeouts in 32.2 innings since June 1st.


Player of the Week: Jared Jones  0.00 ERA,  7:5 K/BB,  8.2 IP

Analysis: Jared Jones made two starts this week and threw 8.2 innings without an earned run (one unearned run). He did a great job of working around trouble, as he gave up five walks and seven hits, including five doubles. His ERA is nearly identical home and away, with a 4.60 ERA in Greensboro and 4.67 on the road. He has 132 strikeouts in 114.2 innings. Ricky DeVito tossed four shutout innings in his start, with four hits, one walk and four strikeouts. He has thrown shutout ball in each of his last three outings. Matt Eckelman is toiling away at Greensboro, giving up one run over five innings last week.

On the hitting side, Eli Wilson got some Greensboro Player of the Week support with his 1.135 OPS in 23 PAs, collecting seven hits, including a double and two homers. He has an .866 OPS in August. Ernny Ordonez went 5-for-16 with a double and two homers, giving him 14 home runs on the season. Mike Jarvis put up a .992 OPS in 21 PAs, with two homers and six stolen bases. Yoyner Fajardo had eight singles and five walks last week, leading to a .963 OPS. Last week’s Player of the Week overall was Francisco Acuna, who got overshadowed this week by some high offense on the road for Greensboro. He had a .915 OPS in 17 PAs.  Despite collecting just three hits, picking up a double, triple and five walks helped Hudson Head to reach on .800 OPS minimum on the nose.


Player of the Week: Bubba Chandler 0.00 ERA,  5:2 K/BB,  5.0 IP   .182/.308/.455, 1 HR, 1 SB, 13 PA

Analysis: Bubba Chandler got the top spot due to his pitching performance, but hitting his first Low-A home run didn’t hurt. He tossed five no-hit innings with two walks and five strikeouts, while putting up a .762 OPS. The 19-year-old isn’t dominating full-season ball like he did the FCL, but he has looked very good on the mound at times. He has 3.32 ERA and 27 strikeouts in 21.2 innings since being promoted. He has a .574 OPS in 88 plate appearances, with a decent walk rate and a lot of strikeouts. Po-Yu Chen avoided the one bad inning that has killed him in a lot of his starts this year. He went five shutout innings on two hits, two walks and four strikeouts. He has seven starts of shutout ball this year and seven starts with 4-5 runs allowed. Darvin Garcia allowed one run over 4.2 innings on four hits and four walks. Anthony Solometo gave up one runs on one hit and two walks in four innings. He has a 3.05 ERA and 41 strikeouts in 38.1 innings with Bradenton.

On the hitting side, Tsung-Che Cheng had another strong week, batting .444/.600/.500 in 25 PAs, with three stolen bases. He had eight hits and seven walks in six games. He has a 1.158 OPS in 24 games in August. Tres Gonzalez had a big week, going 8-for-19 with a double, triple, two stolen bases and a 1.055 OPS in 21 PAs. Sergio Campana powered his way here with two homers, leading to an .894 OPS in 17 PAs.

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“Kevin Padlo earned a DFA with his .967 OPS in 14 PAs.”

Padlo seems to be another example of a player they liked enough to claim but not enough to give more than a small sample size to make a positive impression. That feeds into the perception that this front office lacks direction and conviction (other than patting themselves on the back for all the progress in areas that us fans can’t see).


Dude, they’re running out of players! For the second year in a row!

What’s hard to understand about this?


I’ll stand corrected–he cleared waivers so maybe they calculated things correctly as he seems like decent depth to keep at AAA without using a roster spot.


If Endy was in the Braves organization, he’d be in Atlanta with their other younger prospects who came directly from AA and who both are younger than him. The Pirates know better though and keep him in Altoona where he’s needed and safe from being ruined by playing in the majors too soon like the Braves are doing with their young stars. That notion is a total myth BTW, but that’s another discussion.

He’s flourished after being able to concentrate on playing one position so naturally the talk is of moving him around again. Different organizations with different approaches. I wonder which one’s best? Hmmm, let’s think about it.


I don’t want to see Endy in Pittsburgh this year. Every day he’s up this year, is a day he’s down next year. No way they don’t manipulate his service time. Expect the same for Priester and Davis too. Maybe even Burrows, Peguero, and Nicky Sticks.

Much rather see those guys playing in a more meaningful season, since there’s no chance to have a less meaningful one than this year.


Get the extra year of control but screw the Super 2 stuff with this guy. We need him in the Burgh.


Yep, but they aren’t asking for our opinion.


That’s where am at in general–I fully support getting the extra year whether it’s Endy, Roansy, Oneil, or whoever, but there is so much money in baseball, that I hate seeing us factor in Super Two. It doesn’t really matter in a year like this one, but who knows if the impact Endy or Burrows or Priester might have by coming up by the end of April instead of the middle of June could be the difference in making the playoffs or not?

I guess the difference is that getting the extra year is about extending a window of competitiveness while Super Two is primarily about saving Nutting money on the payroll.


Mitchell is destroying AAA pitching and Suwinski gets the call? SMH

As for Endy…once Davis comes back, move Endy to Indy. Why not? Nobody worth anything is blocking him and they only have a few games left.


I’m guessing it’s a reflection of how each performed in the Show.

  • Mitchell 0.8 fWAR in 146 PA
  • Suwinski 1.2 fWAR in 254 PA

The list of guys who mastered AAA, but failed to hit MLB pitching in a very, very long list


Suwinski was given regular ABs. Cal wasn’t.


Suwinski earned regular at bats.

Cal didn’t.

They’re not running a damned charity, fellas!

Wilbur Miller

“They’re not running a damned charity”

Josh VanMeter would like a word. So would Yoshi. And Gregory Polanco. And Erik Gonzalez. And 20 other guys.

A charity is EXACTLY what they’ve been running for 3 years.

Last edited 30 days ago by Wilbur Miller

You keep building this strawman and it’s so transparently bullshit.

Nobody on this board has been a louder critic of this rebuild for a longer period than I have. They need actual fucking Big League ballplayers.

What I keep arguing against is the absolute derangement that’s set in where the biggest problem this organization faces – after already promoting more prospects on a shorter timeline than any other rebuilding team in all of baseball – is that they won’t promote more shitty prospects for an arbitrary amount of “consistent” playing time.

Just. Shut. Up. Already.

Wilbur Miller

You shut up, dipshit. You keep flaming anybody who suggests rookies should play, but you never explain which fucking competent major leaguers they’re supposed to play, probably because you’re only interested in being a flaming asshole rather than having an adult discussion.

These phantom free agents? Where are they? VanMeter? Yeah, he can play 2B and Newman short when they send Cruz down like you’ve been brainlessly advocating, although not the last few days I noticed.

Why don’t you stop flaming anybody who tries to come up with reasonable alternatives from the roster they actually have and not this alternate universe roster you’re imagining. Just address the situation at hand, like the folks you’re flaming are trying to do. Or just go the fuck away.


Those regular ABs also, supposedly, earned him a trip back to the minors to work on some things to earn his way back. Where is the evidence that he did anything in AAA to justify a promotion unless he never should have been sent down in the first place?

So at some point the charity or scholarship question can be applied to either.


Yes correct you apparently have missed my 3-yr running commentary about how unconscionably awful these types of tanking rebuilds are for the game of baseball.


hopefully in september they stop playing gamel (seriously why he is playing everyday), and play mitchell/suwinski in the outfield.


Should’ve released Gamel earlier to allow a contender in need of a 4th OF to sign him so he could chase a ring. I suppose theoretically it’s still not too late.


They’re literally running out of goddamn players, have become a national laughingstock, and we’re desperate to release the few competent major leaguers remaining in order to give shitty prospects more playing time.

This is truly the most demented season I’ve experienced in three decades of following this club.


Running out of players? We have plenty of MI to play OF. Castillo, Park, Bae, heck I’m sure DS would even pencil in JVM for a few starts in LF. Unless you care about finishing 4th instead of 5th, waiving Gamel won’t hurt the team, but could help him win a ring.


I genuinely have lost any ability to detect satire from serious comments at this point.

Please tell me this is the former.


Competent as in 0.4 fWAR and 0.2 bWAR? He’s the definition of replacement level and while he’s not the first guy I’d replace, I don’t get the passion for keeping him as one of our starting corner OFs. If anything, he might be an acceptable 4th OF but as long as he’s on the roster, he’s going to start and bat in the middle of the lineup. That’s why I’m frustrated seeing him on the roster.

Those prospects you refer to are probably unlikely to pan out, but there should be a 0% chance Gamel is part of our future so I’d opt for playing a player who might have a 10% chance of being part of our future, whether that’s Allen, Marcano, Mitchell, Swaggerty, Bae…(Bae is probably not an option due to service time issues.)


Yearning to sit through an absolute shitfest of prospects for a 10% chance one MIGHT be as good as some cheap free agent any competent org can find in any given year.

What in the actual fuck has this org done to its fans.

How is this even in the realm of rational behavior.

Wilbur Miller

“some cheap free agent any competent org can find in any given year”

You DO realize this is a Pirates site, yes?


Mitchell DH/1B


That’s work for me, but has he even played 1b with Martin in Indy?


His arm is not strong enough for the outfield, he can DH while he learns the intricacies of first base . . . can’t hurt to try.


sure why not

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