Pirates Discussion: Rookie Reveal

After taking game one of the series, the Pittsburgh Pirates rookies were set on taking game two. In the end they fell just short.

Right off the bat (literally and figuratively) Rodolfo Castro hit a 109.9 MPH homerun to center field in the bottom of the first for his seventh on the season to give the Pirates a 1-0 lead against the St. Louis Cardinals.

In the second inning Jack Suwinski wanted to join in the fun. He hit a 110.3 MPH homerun to right field for his 15th, just after Ke’Bryan Hayes walked, giving them a 3-0 lead. The Pirates could’ve done more damage in the second when Chavis followed Suwinski’s homerun with a walk and then Cal Mitchell doubled to put runners on second and third with no outs. Unfortunately the next three batters hit into outs. On the night Suwinski would go 3-for-4 with the homerun.

From there JT Brubaker was mostly cruising with four scoreless innings before the Cardinals could break through. With one out in the fifth inning Cardinals own rookie Brendan Donovan hit a solo shot to right field cutting the lead down to 3-1. Then in the sixth Albert Pujols (knowing full well he can’t leave Pittsburgh without at least one) hit a two-run homerun to left field for his 17th on the season and 696th of his career.

Brubaker would be done after the sixth inning and a 3-3 tie. In his six innings he allowed six hits, two walks, he hit Molina, and three strikeouts.

Duane Underwood Jr. pitched the seventh inning (and only one inning this time) allowing no baserunners on only nine pitches with eight going for strikes.

To lead off the Pirates half of the seventh inning the Cardinals brought in a LHP to face Oneil Cruz. With the flick of a wrist Cruz hit a Changeup at the bottom of the zone 103 MPH off the bat and 380 to right field for his 14th homerun. Maintaining his hot streak, Cruz ended the night 2-for-4 with the homerun and a walk bumping his OPS to .749 and second on the team behind Bryan Reynolds.

The lead was short lived when Robert Stephenson gave up back-to-back two out hits allowing a run to score and tying the game at 4 in the eighth.

Wil Crowe almost got out of trouble in the ninth till Nolan Arenado hit a bases clearing double after Goldschmidt walked to load the bases with two outs. This gave the Cardinals a 7-4 lead heading into the bottom of the ninth.

Mitchell hit a lead-off double — who himself is in the midst of a hot steak and went 2-for-3 with a double and walk — and would eventually score when Reynolds singled with two outs. That’d be all the Pirates could muster and fell 7-5.

Cardinals @ Pirates

Time: 1:35 PM EST

Pirates Starter: Mitch Keller (5-10, 4.22)

Cardinals Starter: Jose Quintana (5-6, 3.41)

Keller Notes: In his previous start against the New York Mets, Keller threw six shutout innings. After a small hiccup of two starts that included a sore shoulder and defensive miscues, Mitch Keller has thrown six innings in each of his last two starts with only the two earned runs against in the Atlanta Braves game. Sitting at 130.0 IP on the season Keller is closing in on a career high of innings pitched in a season just as Brubaker is. Keller threw 142.1 IP in 2018 across three levels, but his personal high came in 2019 of 151.2 IP between Triple-A and MLB.




1. Brendan Donovan (L) 3B
2. Tommy Edman (S) SS
3. Corey Dickerson (L) LF
4. Albert Pujols (R) 1B
5. Lars Nootbaar (L) RF
6. Tyler O’Neill (R) CF
7. Nolan Gorman (L) 2B
8. Yadier Molina (R) C
9. Alec Burleson (L) DH

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Wilbur Miller

Cheringtoon says the Pirates have to “keep getting better.”

Here’s the W/L pct by month, starting with April:


Looks to me like they need to START getting better, or at least stop getting worse.


Not sure he gets any more leash from me. Is it past time to move on from Mr. Shelton?

Wilbur Miller



Best bests for AFL?


I hope tank, gonzales for round 2, and priester to all be there to make up for lost time


pirates calling up ortiz. hell yeah. let’s get wild


Well, 4 games with the Reds coming up that ought to be a hoot…


A nice but crazy win for the Steelers, but may have lost Watt for the season…

Why did DS take Keller out after 7 innings, this stuff is just killing baseball for the older fans…it’s just ridiculous the way baseball is being played…

Wilbur Miller

And, fittingly, Dumbo leaving De Jong in to give up a second bomb decides the game. The stoopid won’t let up for a second.


Isn’t Kelly managing now?

Wilbur Miller

I’m sure Dumbo is giving directions from the clubhouse. Plus, De Jong was probably “scheduled” to pitch the entire 9th.


There has been so many, but this one really hurt.


Holy shite?!?


Well that was brilliant strategy, bring in your Chris Stratton clone to close a game. I think maybe trying Banuelos to face those lefties my have been in order.


I’m hoping Cardinals Devil Magic retires with Pujols, Molina, and Waino.


Steelers and Pirates conspiring to ruin the day, (from a sports angle at least…)


What a bullpen. This game is exactly why SP wins are a useless stat.




Wilbur Miller

Cheringtoon blows another game.

I don’t remember a Pirates team where so many losses were so directly and obviously attributable to the GM’s and manager’s incompetence.

Last edited 22 days ago by Wilbur Miller
Wilbur Miller

And I guess out of jealousy, Podge shows he’s just as incompetent as Hodge by leaving De Jong in to get battered for four runs. These idiots shouldn’t be within 100 miles of a ML franchise.

Wilbur Miller

I sure hope Cheringtoon’s crappy bullpen doesn’t wreck Keller’s effort.


This didn’t age well.



Wilbur Miller

Keller’s turning into old-style Charlie Morton.


Love seeing Allen and Cruz stealing 2nd. Be aggressive, challenge Yadi, don’t defer to him just cause it’s his swan song.


Woo hooo! Up 1 zip!


Cruz now north of 100 wRC+, hopefully to stay.


Is your real name Kody Duncan??


I think Mitchell facing the lefty Quintana has a better chance of impact then Greg Allen batting from the right side. Hayes at cleanup also a stretch. Shelton’s dartboard has got to get it right sooner or later.


Shelton’s only recently begun actually hitting the dartboard instead of poking more holes in the wall so getting it right might take a while.

b mcferren

there is a sense of baseball magic with this team that can be seen with Oneal/Cruz/Roansy/Mitchel/Jack

for some reason, Hayes and Reynolds seem separated from this

b mcferren

problem with Reynolds, Hayes and Shelton is that they don’t play the game with passion

that is why we need a hot head like Kendall or Lloyd McClendon to light a fire under this team


Count me as a hayes believer, but I think it’s good to have a mix of higher energy and outward passion guys with players that are more stoic and just go about their business. They will provide a good baseline for the young guys to grow from


Hayes is a question mark for me and maybe he should not have rec’d his extension TWT, but I think Reynolds suffers from little or no protection in the lineup for him to be at the top of his game…


You mean todays clean up hitter, lol.

b mcferren

time to start thinking about a platoon partner for Hayes


After the big extension he signed he’ll be playing full time.


Thats par for the course with this outfit…. they finally spend some money and it’s for the wrong guy! You can’t make this stuff up.

b mcferren

hopefully for some other team while we trade salary dumps

Last edited 22 days ago by b mcferren

It’s becoming clearer that the Pirates certainly have 3 good candidates for the SP role, but alas they opted to trade away a 4th good candidate for that elusive high-upside player that lives on hope and prayer instead of settling on a proven major league player…


Time to DFA Beede and Stephenson.

Wilbur Miller

And DUJ and Stout and Ramirez.



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