Pirates DVR: Endy Rodriguez Defense, Blake Sabol Homer, Aaron Shortridge

Welcome to the Pirates Prospects daily video rundown, where we pull some of the top videos of the Pittsburgh Pirates across the internet.

Daily Video Rundown

Endy Rodriguez

Endy Rodriguez picked up a single and two walks last night, improving his Altoona stat line to a .356/.442/.678 line. He has also shown off stellar defense behind the plate, with a 45% caught stealing rate. Below is his latest perfect throw.

If you watch that video closely, Rodriguez takes action the moment the pitch is thrown. He shifts his position as the ball is released, waiting to catch it, but also getting ready to throw down to second. He receives the ball while starting to jump out of the crouching position. The ball was in and out of his glove, and thrown down to second, almost as quickly as if the batter laid his bat out there to line the pitch. The throw is on point to the second base side of the bag, just getting the runner.

Endy Rodriguez is making a lot of headlines for his offense. His defensive skills seem almost like instinct at this point.

Blake Sabol

Sabol hit his 18th homer of the season, and fourth with Indianapolis, to lead off the bottom of the ninth.

Sabol was hitting for a .281/.347/.486 line with Altoona this year. He was promoted to Indianapolis in the last month, where he has a 315/.448/.611 line and four homers in 54 at-bats.

Connor Scott

Connor Scott hasn’t shown a lot of power this year. The outfielder last homered on August 10th, before connecting for two last night. Below is a video of the second homer, which set a franchise record for the Altoona Curve.

Brendt Citta

Citta had a .667 OPS with Altoona this year. He’s in his age 25 season, so he was a bit old for Double-A, but filled out their outfield nicely. He has since moved up to Indianapolis, where he has a .266/.352/.450 line in 125 plate appearances. Last night, he added his fourth homer.

Aaron Shortridge

I’m going to let John Dreker sum up the recent outing from Shortridge.

Here was Shortridge getting a called third strike in his start last night.

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On the scale from ‘replacement level’ to ‘Adley Rutschman’, where does Endy rate?


An All-Star catcher in 2023?


But not MVP?

Pfft, why do you hate Endy?


Anyone know how endy’s other catching skills like blocking, receiving, game management, etc are coming along?


Impeccable timing as always, looking forward to it!


Endy deserves a late September cup of coffee like Cruz and Contreras got!


Don’t know, the Pirates get a lot of Catchers with a .936 OPS at A+, 51 games at C, only 3 E/5PB, who then go to AA and hit 1.120 OPS, 2E/4PB. Best part about the time in AA is the 14 doubles, 8 HR, 32 RBI in only 118 AB – that’s a HR every 14 AB!

Caught stealing percentage in A+ was 27%; in AA so far, 45%. BA has a great article about the Caught Stealing percentages of minor league Catchers being very low because of the pitch clock. Obviously, Endy has not read that. He is a complete product defensively, with a bat in a Catcher we have not seen in a very long time.

Straight business – he was challenged being sent to AA (even though he is already 22), and he has more than proven himself. There is no reason to waste another 15-20 days at AAA. Straight to Pittsburgh. He’s a switchhitter who has also played 1B. That’s where he needs to be in preparation for being the Pirates front-line Catcher possibly in May or June, 2023. If he joined the Pirates tomorrow, he will get only 15 days of MLB Service – negligible.


A two day call up might be interesting, but he deserves a lot more than that. These are the Pirates though so he’ll be sitting in the minors at least until mid 2023 even if he hits .500 and throws out 90% of base runners until then.


And he’d still be an entire year younger than MLB darling Baltimore Orioles called up the number one prospect in all of baseball who’s immediately vaulted into the top catcher in the game, you complete f*cking moron.

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