Pirates DVR: Termarr Johnson Home Run, Tahnaj Thomas Strikeout, Jared Oliva Double

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Daily Video Rundown

Termarr Johnson

The Pirates top pick from their most recent draft hit his first professional home run on Wednesday, and it happened to be of the inside-the-park variety.

Tahnaj Thomas

Thomas has really emerged as one of the top options out of the bullpen for the Altoona Curve this season, and showed why on Wednesday. He came in the game with two outs and a runner on base in the eighth inning of a tie game, got the out and then also pitched a scoreless ninth.

The righty showed a good mix of his fastball and slider, even hitting 96 mph on the radar in this at-bat, the only one that ended in a strikeout this most recent outing.

Jared Oliva

The outfielder picked up five hits for the Indianapolis Indians across two games on Wednesday, including this double that extended their lead.

Mason Martin

Mason Martin hit his first home run since July 26, giving him 16 on the season.

Fabricio Macias

Macias comes up big in extra-innings for the Curve, drilling this ball to right field for a double, scoring Connor Scott from second base.

Liover Peguero

Peguero picked up a hit on Wednesday, and thanks to an error a runner scored on the play as well.


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To my non-professional eye, I like Thomas’s mechanics as I could not tell if it was a fastball or slider coming out of his hand.


I’m sure Termarr will take it, but probably not how he envisioned his first professional HR.


Give it a few years, he’ll be telling the girls it was a majestic shot, game winner.


What was the “launch” angle on that?


2 degrees, lol.


Oliva is still hitting the ball hard……into the ground.


Love to see thomas hitting 96 and being effective!


wicked arm speed.


You know, Eric Longenhagen over at FG calls Thomas’s breaker a curve, which is what it looks like to me: much slower than his FB with big vertical and horizontal movement. Semantics aside, recall that the two knocks on Thomas were poor FB control and lack of an effective breaker. Problems solved. Sounds a lot like development to me.


This one’s a real conundrum for me.

Kid wrapped up ’19 with a breakout season under Huntington, pumping 100mph seeds while filling the zone and a clear target moving forward of tightening his slider and improving his change in order to be a big league starter.

Then the pandy made him incognito for a year and just 8 starts into ’21 under the Cherington dev team he was so broken that they sent him back to the complex, completely neutered him, relegated him to the pen, only now to re-emerge with a low-to-mid 90s fastball and slider.

Is this Trump-style development, where we actively make things shittier and then brag about improving that situation?

Or is Tahnaj actually better?

That slider looks wicked to me, but I’m just some jag on the internet.


Granted I haven’t seen him pitch a whole lot over the years but from what I have seen it appears to me that this current version of Tahnaj is the most in control of body during his delivery I’ve seen. (Im intentionally ignoring the hop after the delivery which makes fielding anything hit near him virtually impossible.) This certainly helps to repeat the mechanics and more consistently put the ball where you want it. I’d much prefer this than just launching 100mph missiles without a guiding system on them. So that is positive development. However, why not both? He could be dominant if he is able to keep the control and add the velocity back but given the results he’s had this year I’m not worried about it either.


On a positive note, Johnson has been hitting well of late and I’ve noticed that Solometo has been pitching extremely well – including yesterday


How the heck did that turn into an inside the park homerun?? Had to be an error in the outfield or on the throw into the infield…..may be the least impressive inside the park homerun in a professional game….looked like the little league variety…Johnson wasn’t even running hard….


Least or most impressive depending on how you look at it. Definitely the funniest.


Outfielder thought the ball got lodged under the wall, ump disagreed. Johnson kept jogging/running.


Thanks. I had the same question.

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