Endy Rodriguez Named South Atlantic League MVP

Endy Rodriguez keeps collecting awards.

The Pirates catching prospect was named the South Atlantic League MVP for the 2022 season. Rodriguez hit .302/.392/.544 this year for Greensboro. He ranked fourth in league OPS, though he maintained his production over 370 plate appearances, which is the second highest among the top ten hitters in the league.

While he was with Greensboro, Rodriguez played second base, left field, first base, and had his time behind the plate. He caught 27% of runners stealing, but made some big strides in his defense throughout the season. By the end of the year, he caught 45% of runners in Double-A.

This is the second year in a row that Rodriguez has been named a league MVP. He won the Florida State League MVP award last year for his time in Bradenton. Yesterday, we named Rodriguez our 2022 Minor League Player of the Year.

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Endy will be to Pirates what Molina was to Cardinals. Championship cornerstone player.


Hope so, including keeping him around for his whole career, the last part is unlikely.


Excellent points. Endy Rodriguez is well deserving of the honors with a strong work ethic. The perfect guy to approach with a 2 or 3 year extension when the opportunity is right. First or second year – not after their 3rd or 4th.

The Pirates cry poor especially in reference to the Free Agent Market. Therefore, if we cannot afford FA’s, then we have to entice our younger players to consider the Pirates as a career decision and start to sign them early like other teams have already done, especially with their young IFA’s.


I think locking Endy up should be high priority. With Endy getting such a low signing bonus it should be easy to work out a deal that works for both sides. I posted an idea on another article.
5 years- $3, $1, $1, $4, $4. With a $2, buyout = $15 million
8 years- first 5 years the same with years 6 and 7 at $10. Player has opt-out after 7 or $12 for year 8 which would = 7 for $33 million or 8 for $45. Club could extend QO.
13 years- first 3 years the same with the club opt-in for 10 more years at $130 million. Years 4, 5, 12, and 13, at $10 million a year, the rest at (6 through 11) $15 million. Total = $135 million

Last edited 10 months ago by melkel
b mcferren

so if all goes right, this is our line-up after super two June deadline?

CF Bae
LF Reynolds
SS Cruz
1B Malcolm
2B Ricky Nix
C/DH Tank
C/DH Endy
RF Suwinski / Canaan / Mitchel
3B Hayes

Last edited 10 months ago by b mcferren
Scam likely

Like to see Castro in there ,maybe get him a firstbase glove.


Your timeline is about a year off.


Do you mean Nick G, aka Nicky Sticks, as 2B?

That’s 5 rookies and 2 2nd year players playing with Reynolds and Hayes. More likely Pirates bring in a vet or two to man 1B and/or DH to start year and they’re still starting thru July (at least).

Also, I don’t see Castro’s name. Unless Nick G obliterates AAA pitching, or Castro regresses/gets injured, I doubt Nick takes his job in June.

Lastly, don’t sleep on Gorski. He could find his way up next summer if he stays healthy and keeps hitting like last season.

b mcferren

June is not that far away!


So, not a bad trade. Odd, since I have been repeatedly told that BC is an idiot.


I think the larger and more accurate claim is that BC is run of the mill as a GM and (worse) unimaginative.

b mcferren

at the time, Hudson was the headliner of that trade

Last edited 10 months ago by b mcferren

Separate trades, kinda. Luchesi, or whatever it is, was flipped by the Bucs after trading Joe to the Mets for Endy.


Really?? Don’t be that guy!

John Dreker

Today’s AFL game was canceled due to weather, so don’t wait up for the recap

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