David Hague: Best Pirates Photos From the 2022 Season

PITTSBURGH – During the 2022 season, I shot 25 games across the Pittsburgh Pirates system. It is a hard task to trim over 25 games down to just a few top frames, but the list below are my top ten favorite shots of the year (with honours). 

10. Andres Alvarez

As part of my job with Pirates Prospects, I get to cover more than just the Pirates. The season I traveled to many Curve games and this Andres Alvarez frame is all about freezing the action. The thrown ball, the leap off the ground and his chain flying — I just really like everything about this. 

9. Bligh Madris

I love to have some fun with shadows and light which is what adds this Bligh Madis photo with the sun beam to my list.  Then add in the scoreboard in the background saying baseball, it’s just a fun photo. 

8. Jack Suwinski

What is not to like about this Jack Suwinski walk off from June 4, 2022? You have the obvious — Jack watching his ball fly over the wall — but with having a wider crop on the photo you get all the fans and players in the background. Many of the fans are realizing it is a walk off and the players are beginning to realize and leap onto the field in celebration. 

Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder Jack Suwinski (65) June 4, 2022 David Hague

7. PNC Park

Every season I am always in amazement at PNC Park. This season is no different, and with the outfield grass cut with 412 in the design, this photo is just a little cooler than other photos from the 300 level. 

PNC Park July 29, 2022 David Hague/Pirates Prospects

6. Bryan Reynolds

This frame of Bryan Reynolds on the warning track is one that is aided by the low sun. If it was a cloudy or the sun was high in the sky, then it would not be as good. The shadow of Bryan on the wall and even the shadow of the ball just before the catch is what really brings this photo together. 

Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder Bryan Reynolds (10) June 21, 2022 David Hague

5. Termarr Johnson

Termarr Johnson becomes a Pittsburgh Pirate! I haven’t been able to capture the last few first round signings when they made the announcement, but it lucked out that I was there for Termarr. I benefited by positioning myself right behind the Pirates team photographer Josh and thus it looks like they are looking right at me. 

Termarr Johnson July 29, 2022 David Hague/ Pirates Prospects

4. Mookie Betts

At number four, I am going away from the Pirates photos and going to a game when the Dodgers came to town. My primary task is to cover the Pirates, but every once in a while I photograph the visitors for various reasons. This instance is that I wanted to photograph Mookie Betts and got super lucky with Mookie breaking his bat and having the splinters still flying off the bat. 

Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts (50) May 9, 2022 David Hague

3. Miguel Andujar

What is not to like about Miguel Andujar dressed up as a Pirate? Miguel Andujar just gives off a fun vibe that is contagious on the bench. 

2. Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina

Here is another instance where I was photographing an opposing team. This time it was Albert Pujols chasing history, and this is after hitting his 696th home run, tying him with A-Rod. After crossing home he hugged his long time team mate and friend Yadier Molina. 

1. Oneil Cruz and Aaron Judge

This was a photo I had hoped I would have a chance to get. I knew with the Yankees coming to town and Aaron Judge that I wanted to try and get a photo of him and Cruz like the infamous photo of Altuve and Judge. Sure enough, I got that chance after Judge ripped a double and Cruz was standing at second with him. The photo even sparked an article on ESPN.

Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Ke’Bryan Hayes (13) New York Yankees center fielder Aaron Judge (99) July 7, 2022 Photo by David Hague/Pirates Prospects

Those are my top photos for the year. Here is to 2023 and all the amazing photos I hope to take in the upcoming season. 


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David is the Pirates Prospects photographer for Pirates and some minor league. David attended California University of PA where he was a student photographer in the sports department. Upon graduation he stayed on as the team photographer for the Cal U Hockey Club and in 2013 joined Pirates Prospects. Since the mid 90’s David has been a Pirates fan and has traveled to all 30 ball clubs.

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Great stuff David. A fantastic combination of action and still shots.


Great work, David! I think my favorites are Suwinski, Madris, and Reynolds in that order.


Fantastic work David. # 6 with Reynolds and the shadows is my personal favorite. It’s so special when you can capture that exact moment like you did in so many of these shots, especially the Betts photo.

Tim Williams

These were all amazing shots. You’re a signature baseball photographer in Pittsburgh, in my opinion. The way you capture the action reflects your years of familiarity with the game, and makes your work stand out.


I envy your artistry, David! I never could take a good photo.


amazing pics David – could you tell us a little about the camera & lenses you like to use?


These are great!

Of course, right about now I like just about any photo that doesn’t show snow.

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