Photos From the First Workouts at Pirate City

The Pirates opened their workouts today at Pirate City with pretty close to a full house. Even though it was officially just “pitchers and catchers,” probably a large majority of the position players were there, too. That included Bryan Reynolds, who apparently isn’t “quitting” on the Pirates, as some folks seemed to think.

“I’m still here.”

I don’t have any sort of count, but of the position players I probably would have noticed had they been there, the only two I didn’t see were Andrew McCutchen and Ji-Man Choi.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they weren’t there, just probably not on the field.

Some guys are just hard to miss

If you’re wondering about fan access, at least for today it was identical to pre-pandemic times, i.e., the central area around the tower was open.

Rich Hill
Austin Hedges
Chris Owings
Henry Davis, who’s pretty imposing in person
Colin Holderman
Endy Rodriguez
Ji-Hwan Bae
Ryan Vilade

Having followed the Pirates fanatically since 1965, Wilbur Miller is one of the fast-dwindling number of fans who’ve actually seen good Pirate teams. He’s even seen Hall-of-Fame Pirates who didn’t get traded mid-career, if you can imagine such a thing. His first in-person game was a 5-4, 11-inning win at Forbes Field over Milwaukee (no, not that one). He’s been writing about the Pirates at various locations online for over 20 years. It has its frustrations, but it’s certainly more cathartic than writing legal stuff. Wilbur is retired and now lives in Bradenton with his wife and three temperamental cats.

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The boys of summer are back!


Best photo is Vilade! Prooves he really exists. The Sleeper of ST this year.


The look on Rich Hill’s face…..”do I really want to do this again?”


So is Pirate City open to the public this year?


That is great news. That is about a third of the reason I come down to Spring Training.
What date do the minor league games start at Pirate City?


When do the Minor Leaguers report to Pirates City?


Great pictures!! Thanks!!


This is the good stuff. Excellent photography work!


Endy just looks like a rock star with that bandanna. He just put all those vets on notice that he’s coming for their job by wearing that bandanna.


Great stuff Wilbur! Thanks


WTM: Great pictures and thank you for the info that Pirate City has returned to pre-pandemic mode.


I am SO glad to see evidences of “pre-pandemonium-pandemic” return.


You’re living the dream in Bradenton…happily married, 3 cats, retired… (GOOD for you!)

Me? Happily married, 3 cats, not retiring until December 2025. (Of course, I was two in the smmer of ’65)

Last edited 1 month ago by JimEastTennessee

I am happily married, retired but only TWO cats. Had three once and it was litter box hell. I am not mentioning ow old I was in ‘65, lol.


The cat’s and the box are my wife’s 😀


You married well.

I’ve had cats for 30 years and the wife for 29. So, they get top billing.

Last edited 1 month ago by leefieux

i retire in early 2025. Already looking forward to head to Florida for my first ST experience. Still had one cat when my wife past a few years back. Where I moved to did not allow cats so now my youngest is in litter box hell now. My cat and her two lol! I do get to cat sit every once in a while so I get to experience the hell that I gave my daughter lol! No matter what, no matter how much love a cat may give you they dream that they are a big cat and they could toy with you like the do with a catnip mouse 😁


My respect level for each of you has taken a severe hit with all this cat talk.

Why can’t everyone see that cats are just snakes with legs? Dogs on the other hand are gifts from God to bring unbridled joy to mankind.


Dogs bark and annoy neighbors. Dogs are also suckups and will like ANYBODY. When you earn a cat’s love it is a wonderful thing. Plus, I never have to walk my cat in crappy weather.


Lost him last August; he was my buddy.


Never easy losing a fur buddy. My condolences, Jim,


Some neighbors deserve to be annoyed. Especially if they wear Cardinals or Cubs gear.




Yankees…..definitely Yankees……they deserve midnight outdoor zoomies with rabbits and squirrels in the yard to ramp things up even more! 😁

Last edited 1 month ago by robertkasperski

40 years of hearing the Tomahawk Chop Chant down hear has been beyond


homonyms reach out and trip me up again…


right, I mis-spelled hear/here

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