Pirates Prospects Daily: The Difference Between Injury Prone and Freak Injury

As far as Pirates news, there have certainly been better days when it comes to the injury report.

After a fantastic spring that saw him among the league leaders in strikeouts, it was announced that due to forearm/elbow tightness, JT Brubaker would start the year on the injured list. 

Lonnie White Jr. also had surgery after breaking his thumb sliding into second base. His estimated return time frame is about seven to nine weeks.

It’s another unfortunate blow for the 2021 draft pick. Since being drafted with the 72nd overall pick, White has picked up just 40 plate appearances, and none since July 25, 2022.

This is after missing the majority of last season with an elbow injury and a hamstring injury. For someone that the Pirates invested so much in due to an incredible amount of upside, this is probably the furthest from ideal thing.

At this point, the obvious ‘injury prone’ label would be easy to throw out there, but breaking a finger sliding into second base is more of a freak accident than anything else.

The kid has a massive amount of talent, but when he does hit the field, he’s got to hit it running to make up for the time lost.

Jared Triolo Also To Have Surgery

When it comes to hitters, the one of the last injuries you want to get is one to your hamate bone, as that can linger long after you return. 

It seems especially worrisome if power isn’t already one of your featured tools, which is the case for Jared Triolo.

The struggles during spring would make more sense if it was lingering while he was playing. We already know he’s fantastic with the glove, so how well he’d hit in Triple-A, and eventually the majors, was going to be key for Triolo to carve out any role with the Pirates.

Pirates Prospects Daily

By John Dreker

Final Spring Training game this afternoon. Pirates host the Minnesota Twins at 1:05 PM. TV game. Then they are off tomorrow, before Opening Day on Thursday. Lineup will be posted below once it becomes available.

**Injury Updates for JT Brubaker, Lonnie White Jr and Jared Triolo 

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Song of the Day

Today’s Lineup

Looks like an Opening Day lineup, minus the starting pitcher

Anthony began writing over 10 years ago, starting a personal blog to cover the 2011 MLB draft, where the Pirates selected first overall. After bouncing around many websites covering hockey, he refocused his attention to baseball, his first love when it comes to sports. He eventually found himself here at Pirates Prospects in late 2021, where he covers the team’s four full season minor league affiliates.

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The other tall SS, Javier Rivas, with a 110+ EV in this cameo appearance

I guess it’s no surprise that a 6’6” SS can hit the ball really hard


FanGraphs wins the prize for updating Javier Rivas’ height first … after the media guide



Oviedo, only 5 fastballs out of 13 pitches thrown in the 1st inning.


Id bet Stephenson pitches today. He’s already pitched 2-3 times. They will prob throw him today to decide if he’s Opening Day ready or needs to spend a week or two on a rehab assignment.


Looks like the OD lineup is being used today with the newest rotation member on the bump.

Good to see Joe wasn’t hurt when he was hit on the hand by a pitch the other day.


But notice that they have Joe in RF against a RH pitcher, not CSN….


Didn’t Pedro have hamate surgery? I am thinking that surgery takes a little while to regain your power after recovering. In my years in PT sports medicine never rehabbed one. Usually athletes knees, ankles, and shoulders.

b mcferren


Extension day is almost here!!!

Keller 4 years at $50mil

does NOT get done with Reynolds and all that offered money goes to Oneil 8 years at $100mil

Bednar 4 years at $50mil

and the big surprise is Endy signs 8 years at $60 mil and joins the opening day roster and starts opening day


A Keller extension would be great. As much as I’d love to see Cruz get extended, I just don’t see it happening after he refused to sign his tendered contract this season. I’m 51% sure Reynolds will be extended for more than $100 million. A Bednar extension would be a colossal mistake by BC. RP’s are far too unreliable to extend. And lastly, 0.0% chance Endy is given a contract before he establishes himself to a certain degree in Pittsburgh.

Last edited 2 months ago by skliesen

I love bednar, but signing him to 4/50 would be a huge mistake for this org. Maybe more like 4/25


Do not pay premium dollars for RP’s if you’re a small market team. Pirates should be churning and burning through high leverage RP’s.

If Pirates are out of it at end of July and a team like the Mets is desperate for a high leverage RP, I’d definitely make Bednar available, and pull the trigger if they make a good offer.


At least not in the Pirates current condition of non-contending. If this were 2012-15, then you consider a 3 or 4 year contract if you have a killer closer.


I don’t think it’s necessary with Bednar since I don’t think he’s even arbitration eligible yet.


He’ll get that in arbitration if he stays healthy. Where’s the sweetener for him?


The sweetener is the if you had to use in your first sentence. Security.


Dream on … I hope I eat my words.


The biggest thing with White, is that, injury prone or not, he is missing valuable game experience, which cannot be made up.


Yep. It doesn’t matter if the author here wants to split hairs with injury prone or freak injuries. The end result of a raw guy missing more time is the biggest point here.


Especially if he’s not a polished player


Isn’t that what ‘raw’ means, RK? 😇😇😇😇

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