Pirates Prospects Daily: Greensboro to Altoona

This week, Pirates Prospects will be heavy on coverage from my recent trip to Greensboro. That will start today with my recap of the  I’ll be in Altoona for the next stage of my year-end coverage. Look for more live reports nightly in the Prospect Watch.


PIRATES (55-69) AT Twins

Score: Twins 2, Pirates 0
Pittsburgh Starter: Ryan Borucki, LHP (3.76)
–Line: 2.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K, 0 HR
Player of the Game: Bryan Reynolds, LF (2-for-4)
Attendance: 25,897

Notable Performers

  • Dauri Moreta, RHP (1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 K)
  • Colin Selby, RHP (1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K)

One Sentence Recap: The Pirates saw good overall results from their bullpen game, but the offense was Bryan Reynolds away from getting no-hit.


Paul Skenes pitched two perfect innings in his second outing for Bradenton. Check out the results below.


I had my final day in Greensboro, and had live reports 

Pirates Prospect Watch: Paul Skenes Goes Two Perfect, Live Greensboro Reports


It looks like the Pirates might be preparing Roansy Contreras for a less than traditional starter role. They’ve been incorporating more bullpen games in Pittsburgh. Contreras entered Sunday’s game in the second inning, after Braeden Ogle served as an opener.


I’ll be in Altoona for live coverage this week, getting a look at how the players at the level have progressed since my brief trip in May.


Check the site Monday afternoon for reports on the top prospects in Greensboro. I’ve got player and system features to follow, starting on Tuesday.


Paul Skenes made his second appearance with Bradenton. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make his next appearance in Altoona.


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I just don’t understand this roster. Capra is coming up? Palacios is still up and Williams can’t hit but is getting an extended look. I would much rather see CSN, Gonzales, or Triolo.


I would like to put my weekly vote in for Miguel Andujar.


Triolo should not have been sent down….but we have a lot of infielders. See comments by Kiley about sorting this out somehow in the future. You have to start thinking about trade value among the 6 infielders.

Jack looks totally lost and hopeless with the bat. He needs to sit for a few days or get away from this coach. Maybe an ailment like Davis….


I think Suwinski is an easy fix if they had coaching. Tell him to look to swing at the first pitch and be aggressive. The guy doesn’t swing anymore and watches strike 3 the all the time. A lot of the time it is slightly a ball but still what ever happened to fouling off close pitches with two strikes? If he would look oppo with two strikes and slap the ball other way he would be a good hitter and then look to swing early in the count for power. He has no power or anything right now.


The Pirates keep getting middle infielders with the logic being they are athletic enough to play almost anywhere. I figure Triolo is skilled enough to learn outfied with the hopes of being the super utility infielder. You would think in 2 years, there is a good chance that Termarr, Cruz and Hayes will have a lock at the starting infield spots. That leaves a slew of middle infielders left that have yet to get a sniff at a different position yet.


Wow, Tim, you’re going to get to see Skenes pitch Saturday!


Kiley just released his reranking of farm systems and we’re 3rd behind the Orioles and the Cubs. The Brewers are 5th and the Reds are 12th despite all of the young talent they’ve recently promoted (Kiley notes that they had been first before graduating De La Cruz, McLain, and Abbott). If we were hoping that our rebuild would lead to a window when other teams were down, that doesn’t seem likely. (We really need to figure out what the Brewers know how to do–they don’t need to tank to build a farm system.)

But more then the rankings, I thought this comment was insightful:

It’s just a total mess of young players with the potential to be difference makers — all currently in the big leagues, or having just been or about to be. Sorting this group into a coherent big league roster, while still improving the talent, will dictate if this regime is seen as a success.

How is our staff at sorting? Since one of my biggest concerns with Shelton is not putting players in the best position to succeed, I’m not confident that he’ll be able to sort things out.


chikity China , the Chinese chicken.


Think I’d still rather have Crews. This team needs hitting.


The South lost the Civil War. Women have the Right to vote and more than birds fly.

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