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Who Should Be Tendered A Contract?

One of the biggest topics heading in to the off-season will be the roster crunch.  The big focus here is who the Pittsburgh Pirates...

Candidates To Be Removed From 40-Man Roster

This off-season the Pirates will probably face a much tougher set of roster decisions than they have in years.  Several factors are coming together...

Young to try third base

Rob Biertempfel reports that Delwyn Young has begun working out at third base, in hopes of adding the position to his repertoire.

Delwyn Young and BABIP

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Colorado Rockies in DenverLast season, Delwyn Young was red-hot off the bench after Neal Huntington acquired him in an April trade. When Freddy Sanchez was dealt in July, the Pirates gave Young an opportunity to play every day at second base. He responded by slumping badly for the remainder of the season. Many attributed this nose-dive to the extra defensive work Young was putting in daily with Perry Hill. But simple regression was more likely the issue.

Maholm Sharp as Bucs Win 4th Straight

Paul Maholm allowed just four singles, a triple and two runs in seven innings to beat KC. He put the Pirates in a hole...

D-Train Wild as Pittsburgh Beats Detroit (Again)

It has been an ugly descent into mediocrity for Dontrelle Willis. A player who used to play with such enthusiasm. I hope he can...

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Site Updates: Showing Appreciation For Teachers This Week

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We've done a lot of promotions for teachers in the...