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The Price of Free Agents Hasn’t Really Increased

Today I was looking over the early free agent signings, trying to get an idea of how much free agents were getting paid per...

Pirates Off-Season Preview: Burnett, First Base, and the Walker Problem

The Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs this year, and will largely be keeping the same team together next year. When you add in the...

Has Russell Martin been the Best Free Agent Signing?

You get the sense with this Pirates team that something is different. Sure, Pittsburgh has been rattling off wins at a near-record pace and appears...

The Market for Relievers — Free Agents, Non-Tenders, and Trades

A look at the market for relievers through the free agent, non-tender, and trade markets.

The Market for Starting Pitchers — Free Agents, Non-Tenders, and Trades

A look at the starting pitcher options available in free agency, non tenders, and potential trades.

The Market for Catchers – Free Agents, Non-Tenders, Trades

A look at the trade, free agent, and non-tender markets for potential catchers.

2012 Free Agent Options: Starting Pitching

For Pittsburgh Pirates fans, the 2012 free agent market for starting pitchers will be simple: compare everyone to Paul Maholm.  The Pirates made it...

Fixing the Compensation System

Yesterday I brought up the fact that the compensation system for the Major League draft is a broken system.  The system is intended to...

2010-2011 Off Season Primer

With the World Series coming to an end tonight, the 2010/2011 off-season officially begins tomorrow.  You can check out all of the important off-season...

Site Updates

Site Updates: How to Navigate Pirates Prospects; Sponsorship Opportunities

Yesterday, our first article of the day went up at 6 a.m. That was our Morning Report, which is the first thing that goes...