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Is Garrett Jones for real?

Garrett Jones arrived in Pittsburgh with a bang last summer, blasting ten home runs in his first 19 games. Many people, such as me, said it would never last. But Jones just kept hitting, finishing the season with a .293/.372/.567 line in 358 plate appearances. What will happen in 2010? Is Garrett Jones for real?

Should the Pirates platoon Garrett Jones and Steve Pearce?

I have been interested in a platoon of Steve Pearce and Garrett Jones, whether that is at first base or right field. This is mostly due to their 2009 splits, which is the precise assumption that Matt Klaasen cautioned against in his excellent post on platoon splits. What should the Pirates expect out of a Jones/Pearce platoon?

Garrett Jones Should Swing From His Heels Every AB

Garrett Jones turned 28 last month. He has spent most of the last year-and-a-half in the minors. During that time he has consistently put...

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