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PLC Myth-Smashers: “Neal Huntington can’t spot talent”

One oft-repeated complaint about Neal Huntington is that his acquisitions, both at the major and minor league level, have not performed well, that all we hear about is their “potential.” There are legitimate points to debate regarding Huntington’s plan, but the claim that only a few of the players he has brought in have produced, and that this speaks poorly of his evaluation skills, is inaccurate.

PLC Myth-Smashers: Introduction

PLC2You are relaxing in a Pittsburgh bar, enjoying happy hour with a few acquaintances. One of the televisions is tuned to FSN, and Andrew McCutchen’s face flashes across the screen during a spring training interview. One of your buddies quickly announces that “he will be wearing pinstripes within two years.” Don't know the proper response? We have you covered.

PLC Myth-Smashers: “The Pirates are just a Triple-A team for the...

New York Yankees Spring Training in TampaIt is a common complaint among fans. But is it accurate?

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