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Pirates Offered Trevor Cahill a Better Deal Than Cubs

Back in December, we heard rumors that the Pirates were interested in signing Trevor Cahill. He ended up re-signing with the Chicago Cubs, who...

Trevor Cahill Considering Pirates According to Buster Olney

According to Buster Olney, free agent right-handed pitcher Trevor Cahill is considering the Pittsburgh Pirates, as he looks to sign a one-year deal, trying...

Trade Target – All of the A’s, apparently

Today on Major League Baseball Trade Rumors (MLBTR), there was a piece about how the Oakland A's are willing to listen to offers on any of their players. Is there a chance that the Pirates can benefit from this event?

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Site Updates: Showing Appreciation For Teachers This Week

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We've done a lot of promotions for teachers in the...